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Alchemical mind for wine, fashion and design.

Enoteca Antica



Athanor Sigillum is an alchemical, mystical wine, dedicated to all those who love alchemy. Produced in Oltrepo Pavese by applying alchemical principles to the winemaking process, it is a perfect elixir, a sublimated wine, the result of a perfect transmutation of the elements carried out by an alchemist-harvester. Italian matter, English soul: Athanor Sigillum contains the alchemical symbologies of Sir John Dee, the alchemist of Queen Elizabeth I of England, to lead the drinker to higher worlds and new metaphysical knowledge… a word to the wise is enough!



A collection of alchemy to wear. Alchemical symbols to be externalized and lived daily as the only true philosophy of life. Alchemy as an inner refinement and at the same time an external and externalized symbol. Athanor Style is alchemical style, hermetic symbolism to wear, unknown to many, very clear to a few. Only those who have been able to rise intellectually and spiritually to higher worlds, only those who undertake a daily spiritual, mystical, alchemical journey, must wear Athanor Style.
Future Wine

Karim Rashid


The meeting between top wine and top design. Athanor, as an alchemical oven where the transmutation of the elements takes place and therefore the achievement of perfect alchemies, will have to create an exclusive collection of wines by Karim Rashid. A unique project in the world that will lead wine to be inextricably linked to design. Our wine will therefore be welcomed by the shapes of a unique and high-design bottle signed by the great designer. When will this new and exciting project be ready? It will depend on how each element will react within the athanor.


company number: 11962152
Registered office: Suite 20
46 Aldgate High Street
London EC3N 1AL
Phone +44 (0) 7308 325845

The Team

Dr. SORRENTINO Enrico Ermanno
Director, founder, wine maker, alchemist

Mr. ROSSINI Alberto Antonio Guerino
Co-Founder, Wine Creative Design, Strategy Guru